how to care for your sparkly piece

I spend hours creating these little one off pieces so I am so thrilled for you to have this in your hands!! 


  • The tinsel items, will from time to time drop bits of tinsel  due to their hand made nature, I really ask if you wear it with lots of care, including putting it on and taking it off. 


  • Never tug or pull on the strands of tinsel as they will tear off :( 


  • As for washing, it cant be machine washed. Just gently spot clean the inside with a damp cloth, and spritz the inside with a fabric refresher spray.


  • If you ever think it is a little too germy, you can pop it to sleep in a plastic bag, and pop in the freezer overnight. This is a little trick to kill all bacteria.


  • When not in use, gently hang on a soft coat hanger & best placed on display somewhere, don't hide that baby in the dark cupboard! :)